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We have put our District information online to provide convenience and online services and information sharing. We have included information about the Board of Directors, the Board meetings, and important information regarding the safe disposal of household items.

District Management Company


The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that they have selected a new Management Company for the District.

Public Alliance, a professional management company assumed management duties as of March 18, 2022.  AJ Beckman will become the new District Manager.  AJ was the District Manager for Holly Hills several years ago when he was employed by another management company.  AJ has a vast knowledge of the Holly Hills Water and Sanitation District operations.  The board looks forward to working with Public Alliance and AJ. Customers with questions about the district should contact Public Alliance at 720-213-6621.

Another change the board is pleased to announce is that Morain Bakarich, CPA's will be providing the accounting and billing services for the district.

The board has made these changes with the vision of providing better customer service, reduce future costs and modernize the way the district operates.

Please pardon our dust as we continue the process of making changes to our accounting services. The 2nd Quarter billing statements for 2022 have been sent out to customers.  We recognize that you might encounter some issues, and if you are, please contact the Management Company and relay your concerns so they can be addressed.  Thanks for your understanding through this transition.



Emergency Information- Sewer Service

Ramey Environmental Compliance - District Sewer Operator
Business Hours (8am-5pm, M-F) - 303-833-5505
Evenings, weekends and holidays - 1-877-854-5453    


Public Alliance - District Management Company
Business Hours (8am-5pm, M-F) - 720-213-6621


Emergency Information – Water Service

Denver Water Customer Care
Business Hours (7:30am-5:30pm, M-F)- 303-893-2444

Denver Water Emergency Services
Evenings, Weekends and Holidays- 303-628-6801